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Guru Forex Trading – Many websites offer services in Forex market, and before you choose, you need to know all the advantages and disadvantages. First of all, it's about your money that you will either multiply by applying your acquired knowledge and experience, or lose due to the lack of practice and necessary skills. Want to know why Guru Forex--
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What We Do?
  • We provide Daily tips @ free of cost - Forex Signals
  • We provide forex Fund managers - Money Managers
  • The Forex account opened in the name of Client, so no need to pay any commission or charges to any one - Account Name
  • The profits comes Directly to Client account ,after that only we are going to get commission from client through bankwire, paypal..,  -  Profit Control
  • The Account Control every thing under client. we are just going to trade the Client account  as Fund Manager - Account Control
  • Whenever the client wish to take withdraw they can have the Profit-Flexibility.
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Average Returns & Profit Share
Monthly Average Returns  - -> We have been averaging 30% returns per month form our clients
Profit Sharing Break Up
Below 10%  profit  - -> If your account makes 10% & below, we don’t charge a profit share from our clients
Above 10% profit   - -> If we generate more than 10% profits in your account, the profits are shared on a 60% / 40%                                          Basis (60% Client / 40% Trader)
Above 100% profit - -> Once the customer account reached more than 100% within a month then the profit shared on                                          50% - 50% (50% to client / 50% to trader)
Risk of capital       - ->  10%
Mode of withdraw  - -> We recommend our clients to make withdrawals once there is a 30% profit in their account or                                          monthly once, whichever comes first
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